Step 1: Read the Directions
Ever since Ashleigh introduced me to Miss Snark’s Blog I have been an avid reader. Miss Snark is a literary agent in NYC, and it’s always helpful to read her thoughts on stuff, espcially her snarky ones. But what I’m most amazed with, is the stupidity of some people. Miss Snark says when you submit your book you should FOLLOW THE DAMN DIRECTIONS. Generally, this means send a query when you query, send a partial when asked for a partial. Send in MS word when asked for MS word.

And then the questions start:
Q. What if I pdf my book before sending it? Just in case they can’t open word
A. Follow the damn directions.

Q. They asked for an e- copy, but I find it cold and impersonal. I like paper. Can I send them all 1000 pages of my book?
a. Follow the damn directions.

Q. I saw this place that will print out my book in 6*6 size instead fo 8.5*11 – easier to carry for the agent. Aren’t I thoughtful?
a. Follow the damn directions.

You know, it looks like writing is a damn hard business to crack into, so why are these frak ups risking it all because they dont’ like the way the agent wants their book? The agents want what they want and prolly don’t give a $#it what you want! Give them what they want!

When we were looking for researchers at work, I carefully scrutinized each applicant. For qualifications? Sure – Step 2. For the font they chose? Step 3. For the letterhead they used? Step 4. But the first thing I checked was – did they follow my directions? And the ONLY one who got it letter perfect ended up being our best researcher (Hi Ashleigh!!). Coincidence? I think not.


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  1. Ashleigh

    aaaawwwww. that is the best compliment i’ve recieved in… maybe ever, since it’s coming from you and i know how high your standards are! thanks so much! we should direct char to this blog… 😉

    i couldn’t agree more about miss snark’s website… every time i see one of those dolts write in, i groan first and smile second… cause i figure if this is our competition, our chances of getting our stuff past the get a clue gun are pretty high!

    am off to seattle for dinner, then back home before bedtime. am i crazy? i think so. talk to you on saturday!

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