Monday. . .sigh

So far today: I have run out of windsheild washer fluid (and it’s a bad day for that), had an electrical malfunction in my car (which now has to go to the mechanics tonight), had a parking meter fail, spent 40 minutes on hold with the parking authority, returned back to my car to find a parking ticket (and now I’ll have to call those fascists back!), the power went out here – it caused my database to corrupt itself, now I’m trying to restore 20000 records and it’s slow going.



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  1. Ashleigh

    oh my god! i’m so sorry!

    so, um, i’m wondering if maybe you were once the incarnation of some obscure goddess who frequently rebuked or pissed off the god of parking meters cause i’ve never heard of anybody having as much trouble with broken parking meters as you have!

    good luck with the database. i want to ask how bad it was, but my fingers won’t type it. lemme know if there’s anything i can do.

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