Is Baltar a Cylon?

Now, I know Heidi’s opinion. Heidi has always firmly believed (and correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, Heidi!) that Baltar is a Cylon. But I firmly believe he isn’t. He should be so lucky! That would be the best thing that ever happened to him!

Besides, what kind of freaked out algorithm has he got going that makes him so squirrelly? If he was a Cylon, they would have boxed him ages ago. Seriously. You can’t have a frak up like that out there running amok.

Seriously, BSG is the best show out there right now. If I was an actor on that show, I would get down and praise the gods everynight that I was born on Caprica, or woke up in a jelly mess of Cylon goo, just so I could have all my choice dialogue, angst filled scenes and the occasional jolly good time in the mess hall. But a couple of things have me worried:
a) where the heck is Caprica Six? I assume she got tossed in the brig, but we haven’t seen/heard any of this (and the obscure reference to her on tonight’s epy doesn’t cut it).
b) Who is getting killed off? If you read the chatter out there, someone is going to that big Jupiter Eye in the Sky. Pray for Starbuck, my fellow Capricans!! She’s the best female hero on tv! Sure, she’s crazy and totally fraked up, but you gotta love the girl!!
c) Together, Lee and his wife are Lee and Dee. As I said to Ashleigh, BARF!
d) Why doesn’t Tighe get a glass eye or something? Honestly, if the Cylons can make entire human bodies that are nearly undetectable, surely someone can toss a piece of glass at Tighe. Maybe he can use one of his whiskey shotglasses?
e) Did Adama and Roslyn get it on on New Caprica? Am I supposed to be ‘in the know’ on this or will they keep vaguely referencing it without actually saying it?

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  1. Ashleigh

    what you have here is a big can of worms. i can see it now. hair pulling. eye gouging. someone’s going to get out their still-in-the-box light sabre and use it.

    for the record, i think that it would totally suck if baltar was a cylon, and i think the writers know that. baltar might want to be a cylon so that he can excuse his betrayal of the humans as a program of his nature (FANTASTIC article on ny times in the science section about free will that deals with a similar question) but to make him one would eliminate one of the best elements of the show — that is to say the bottomless well that is the depth of human frakked upedness. baltar represents one of the few human characters who is completely sociopathic. i think this element of humanity (some sociologists and social psychologists estimate that 1 in 20 people is sociopathic, for goddess’s sake) needs to be explored, and i’m glad that BSG is doing it.

    as for the other stuff:

    1. caprica six is driving me nuts. they showed her for a bit in the helo episode, but it was basically to appease people like us who want to know why such a potentially huge thing and main character is being virtually ignored. note to writers: it did not satisfy us.

    2. i’m hoping for … well, i like all the characters, but they sure are making it sound like it’s gonna be starbuck, which blows, cause where are we going to get our sexual tension from, huh? callie and tyrol? lee and dee? i think not.

    3. see above comment. how can there be any sexual tension in a lee and dee coupling?

    4. glass eyes squick me out. the patch is way cooler.

    5. damn it, inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Heidi Schempp Fournier

    I still believe Baltar is a Cylon. However, I think you are all missing the bigger point. Who the HELL was one of the 5 that D’eanna aplogized to before they boxed her?

    Prime Suspects:
    Kara Thrace
    Laura Roslyn


  3. Ashleigh

    oooh, good point. i know when i saw the scene, i ran about the entire cast of options through my head, and none seem more or less likely than any of the others. rather, each character has a pro and a con. i.e. kara thrace, pro: the cylons have kicked her ass all over the place, thus necessitating an apology; con: why would they go to all the bother to take one of her ovaries or whatever if she was a cylon?

    i would like to add the following to the list:

    tigh — they certainly need to apologize to him; he’s walking around with a patch for god’s sake.

    sam anders — they almost killed him a lot of times, but caprica 6 and boomer let him go in that parking garage… was it their programming that made them do it?

    lee — cause there’s no reason not to suspect him.

    callie — cause they almost shot her in that almost-mass murder in season 3.

    who can we eliminate for sure?

    dee — cause she’s not interesting enough to be a cylon.

    helo — cause otherwise his and sharon’s baby wouldn’t be a hybrid and wouldn’t have been able to cure roslyn’s cancer.

    if adama turns out to be a cylon, i think i will personally hunt down the writers and poke their eyes out with forks. i have no logical reason for this other than i simply don’t want it to happen because i like adama and because there’s no way they can explain him being a cylon without pulling some serious deus et machina. it’d be like the series finale of roseanne where we found out that the entire last season was just a figment of her imagination that she wrote down in a book. vomit and retch.

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