Mad Rant

There is no underlying topic to this rant – just the randomness of my brain. . .

What’s going on in the world today? It seems like depression is on the rise, apathy is on the rise, malcontent is on the rise. Why? Generally, don’t we have it easier than any generation before us? I wasn’t sold into servitude at the ripe age of 12, I wasn’t married off in a pre-arranged ceremony to a groom I had never met. I wasn’t only given the choice of being a teacher or a nurse because of my gender. I don’t have to bake bread over a wood fire, or unravel a sweater so I can reknit it for a child that’s grown. Are we any unhappier than those who came before us, or is this what happens when your basic needs of survival (water, food, shelter) are met?

There’s also this need for a weird sort of full disclosure. Relative strangers will tell you about their medical problems, their mental problems, their sex lives. . .but ask someone what size pants they wear and you’re likely to get the cold shoulder. Celebreties are the worst. They’ll have full spreads in magazines telling the world about their drug abuse, childhood trauma or the personal details of their relationships, but remained close lipped or lie when it comes to their age or whether or not they’ve had plastic surgery.

Where’s it all leading? What kind of world am I going to wake up in tomorrow? Will I be getting botox and cutting all the labels out of my pants? Will I tell more about myself to the stranger on the bus than I do my family and friends? Will I care?

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Last Modified: February 2, 2007

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