Everything I need to know about life, I’m learning from my dog.

Lesson 1: If you see something you want, don’t give up till you get it.
Learned By: Watching her try to get one kibble out from underneath the stove for two days

Lesson 2: If you need a hug, don’t be shy.
Learned By: Having her jump on me at 6 am and then throw her 50lb body down and rest her face in my neck.

Lesson 3: Stick to your guns.
Learned By: Hearing her punch the door for twenty minutes, despite being told she doesn’t need to go out.
Lesson 4: If you wanna be energetic when you’re awake, nap as much as you can. Preferably in a nice sunny patch.
Learned By: the number of naps she takes in a day and the amount of energy she has.
Lesson 5: If you can’t be good, be good-looking.
Learned By: How often she ‘turns on the cute’ when in trouble.
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Last Modified: January 27, 2007

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