Doggie Dope Dealer

As you know, Rocky is extremely high strung. I can’t laugh during tv shows as it sets of a five minute non stop stream of barking and pacing. I also can’t sneeze, move to quickly or pet Portia too long as it sets off another barking fit. So, at our last trip to the vet, Jenge talked to the vet about this problem and she recommended an herbal mixture for dogs that is supposed to calm him down. He gets three servings a day.

So, is it working? Tough to say, but the stoner doggie jokes are flying fast and furious around her. Is he calmer? Who can tell? He’s wound so tightly that even if he were to calm down by 50% you might not see it. But last night I was able to chuckle quietly to myself and he didn’t bark, so fingers crossed!


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  1. jennie

    Before you know it you will be washing a doggie sized bong! hehehe

    If all else fails we’ve got a great “bark collar” you can borrow. Sure it’s a little more militant than the homeopathy but it’s bloody effective.

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