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Well, mes amis, it’s a sad time at Squirrelly Girly’s. My dad, John, passed away on Tuesday, August 1st. Jenge and I were with him when it happened and he went peacefully. I’d been away from the blog for a while while he was in the hospital, and I’ll prolly be away from it for a while again while my family tries to process all this. They say the first stage is shock, and boy are ‘they’ right. My family is wandering around right now like walking wounded and every once in a while we stop to ask ourselves what the hell just happened? Is this really going on? Did this all just happen? No, can’t be. But it is. So there you have it.

For everyone out there that has sent their condolences, my family really appreciates it, thanks. Everyone has been so kind.

Squirrelly Girly.


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  1. jennie


    So sorry to hear about this loss. My love and thoughts are with you and your family.

    Jennie, Brad & family

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