Doctor on Duty: Urban legend or reality?

So Dad is in the hospital again. No matter how many times I go visit him, I never see a doctor. Mum, Ann and Jenge assure me that they have seen doctors. They have spoken to doctors. They have asked questions of doctors and gotten answers. But I’m beginning to think that the ‘Doctor on Duty’ is a myth, an urban legend and they have not really seen anyone, only convinced themselves that they have. In all my trips to Foothills hospital over the years, I have only seen a doctor one. He was very nice. Very tall. That’s about all I can remember.

In a country like Canada, I should not have to wonder if doctors are figments of my family’s imagination. I should be able to see them milling about, working. I see lots of nuses, nurses aides, orderlies. No doctors.

And don’t get me wrong. Everyone I have seen is bending over backward to be nice, and efficient. They are doing their jobs. It’s not them I have a problem with.

The health care in this country sucks. We have, like, 2.6 doctors per capita and are the only first world country without a plan to improve that. I think that as per capita stats go, we rank FOURTH LAST in the world.

Yet Stephen Harper lowers the GST from 7% (7 being a holy number) to 6% (6 being the number of you-know-who). And Ralph Klein buys us off like four year olds at Christmas handing out a $400.00 rebate cheque since our province is doing so well. How about keeping the GST at 7% and tossing that extra cash toward better health care? Stop placating me like a child with the promise of a pony and toss that $400 toward some medical equipment.

AND YOU!! STOP BEING PLACATED!! Instead of squealing with excitement over the possibility of another rebate cheque you should be OUTRAGED!! OUTRAGED that your allegiance has been bought and sold so easily. Sure, some people really needed that money, but most of us could have gotten by without it.



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  1. geofftop

    Sad but true, I agree, I totally agree. My mother was given the wrong medications because there probably wasn’t enough doctors on hand to have time to diagnose her properly. She’s just lucky she had people around that care about here to find out how to fix the problem. I feel really sorry for people that don’t have friends or family to stick up for them. I find it disgusting that people fall for this 400 dollar bullshit rebate crap. A few decades ago I doubt people would be so easily bought. Shame on Harper, Shame on Canada for falling for this kind of crap. All you idiots that voted these assholes in, I hope you choke on your fat rebate checks.

    Anyways forgive my language, this issue just really works me up for obvious reasons. I think the problem is that people are just to ignorant to see 5 minutes into the future. Otherwise we would be doing something about the environment, something about health care, something about the tons of homeless in our streets.
    That said we get reap what they sow because thinking people are in the minority these days .

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