You Can’t SING!!

Okay, kiddies. What’s with all the singer/songwriters these days? Time was, you were either a singer or a songwriter. It was a rare breed that was both. But nowadays, anyone who can pen a tune thinks that gives them the right to be a singer. The problem is alot of them can’t sing. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket. You may disagree with me (although you’d be WRONG!!) but here is my starting list of people who should go back to just being songwriters, if that.

1. Sheryl Crow – Is she popular? Sure. Good Looking? You bet. Can she sing? Nope. If you want to argue this one, listen to “Strong Enough” for thirty seconds. I win.
2. Cheyenne – This one is a new one. I heard something screeching at me from the radio the other day and, my God, it was awful. It was Cheyenne. She should be banned on account of the Geneva Conventions.
3. Ashlee Simpson – Gurl, you got moxy, I’ll give you that. And I admit, I like the song ‘Boyfriend.’ But just because your sister can sing doesn’t mean you can.
4. Paris Hilton – Can someone please assasinate her already?
5. The Tragically Hip – Yes, legions of Canadians are now going to be hunting for my hide, but the lead guy CAN’T CARRY A TUNE TO SAVE HIS LIFE!!
6. Raine formerly of OLP – Dude sounds like he could sing, if only he would stop trying to be so artsily anguished. Damn this pop-star life! It’s SO HARD!! Sniff.

I’m sure there’s more that annoy me, but it’s early and I’m doped up on cold medication. Feel free to add your own!!

PS – I’ve a new link on the side, Doctor Boogaloos Lunch Counter. So funny. Check it out.


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