Lottery winner!

So I ordered some specialty soap from Bean’Stock and they called me on Monday to say that I may have gotten the wrong order. I called them back and let them know that I hadn’t received it yet, but when I did, I would call them and let them know either way. So last night I opened the mailbox and got my delivery notice from Canada post and when I picked it up at the 7-11, it was the wrong order.

So I called this morning and to let them know and they said that they had re-shipped my order and that I should get it shortly. I asked if I should ship the mis-order back to them, or to someone else and they said I could keep it! I was like, “Are you kidding me?” and she said nope, I could keep it. I was so happy! Free stuff! I felt like I won the lottery! I feel like all my years of niceness have been rewarded! I always try really hard to be polite and pleasent to sales people and when I found out I got the wrong order and told them, she apologized and I said that it was okay, these things happen and not to worry and then she let me keep it! Whoo hoo! It’s the best thing that’s happened to me all month!


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