[Taps mic] This thing on?

Sooooooooo, been a while. At least under this blog. I’ve been lurking on LJ and tumblr [under another name] for a while but I thought it was time to dust off ye olde real life blog and get back in the swing of things.


So! What’s going on? Well, I’ve started this new work out program and it’s going pretty well. I’ve been doing the Tracey Anderson Hipcentric workout – just the cardio. It’s like old school 1980s dance aerobics – a lot of jumping and bouncing around. It’s really fun and I find it mentally challenging [since coordination is an issue for me, as in I LACK IT] but man. My body is getting old.

As one co-worker and I joked, this warranty is expired. Should’ve gotten the extended.

It took about two months for the shin spints and the bursitis [YES YOU HEARD ME] to taper off and the arches of my feet are still working on compensating for all the jumping around. When I get up in the morning, I’m still not sure which way to limp. But it’s better. I just don’t want to quit because I finally found something I really like, and the treadmill is no longer an option for me [whole other issue again with the warranty being shot on this body].

So I’ve been sticking to it, managing 4-5 times a week. It’s made a BIG improvement in my cardio and I’m getting the fit feeling back.