Au Natural

My natural hair color is not a nice natural hair color. It used to be, but not anymore. Sometimes I see it in baby pictures and I think, hmm, what happened?

Even if you know me, and have known me for years, I doubt if you know my natural hair color. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14. At first it was because I wanted it more red, more brown, more something. Now I also have the added need of covering the damn grey. Which started showing up at 16. True Story.

I can only recognize my natural hair color by its blandness. I refer to it as Dirty Dishwater Brown. It’s the color your sink water gets after a large load of hand washed dishes.

Right now, I’ve kinda got Morticia Addams hair color. And I’m really liking it. It especially goes well with my new eye shadow and shorter, somewhat [purposefully] crooked bangs. And of course, it matches the new puppy, Lola.