The Sock

While I love my Portia-cakes, I feel remiss in not putting a post about Rocky, aka ‘The Sock.’ Rocky belongs to Jengie, and Jengie being who she is HAD TO HAVE a pure bread Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog, just like our dearly beloved Brandi (may she rest in peace with much kibble). Rocky is the anti-thesis of Jengie. She is laid back, he is high strung. She is pretty casual, he must have things just so. Every morning (at least every morning I wake up with the dogs) Rocky and I have our special little ritual. I think it bonds us and brings us closer. Let me share this special time with you. . .

After being barked awake by Portia I stumble across the hallway and open Jengie’s door to let the Sock out. He races by me without so much as a ‘by your leave.’ Then we go downstairs, me being careful not to trip over 8 paws on my way. I generally have to go to the bathroom but my mum always told me a good cowboy (cowgirl, I guess) looks after the animals first! So I put Portia out to pee. Rocky will not go out before he eats. He just won’t so he stares at me as I fill up the water jug and go to put a centimeter of water in his bowl (he likes his kibble watered down a little) and then fill up his bowl. I let Portia back in, Rocky barks at me. Then I scoop kibble into the bowls. Rocky barks at me. Now Portia will eat Rocky’s food if he’s not protected, so I plunk my tired but down on a chair right in front of him and ‘guard’ him. Portia wolfs her food down in 2 minutes flat and then starts trolling for lost kibble. At this point, Rocky will start to growl as he eats (slurp slurp crunch Arghhhhhhh arghhhhh, slurp crunch arghhhhhh). I tell him it’s okay, I’ve got your six, slurp crunch arghhhhhh. Then I put Portia out again. At this time, it’s now safe to leave Rocky so I can go to the bathroom (they will both bark at me and thump against the door if I try to go before this). By the time I come out of the bathroom, Portia is ready to come back inside, Rocky is barking at me. I open the door, she comes in. Rocky barks at me. I say, ‘Go potty!’ He barks at me. I stamp my foot and point outside, ‘Potty!’ He growls at me and barks a few more times. ‘Go Potty!’ I yell this time. At this point I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood is now ready to go. He goes outside a few steps, turns around and barks at me. ‘Go!’ The finger point is more pronounced this time. It is then, finally that he lets out a huff of indignation and trots down the steps. When he comes back inside, Portia is drinking out of his bowl and he barks at me. Then Jenge comes down the stairs and sits on them. Rocky bounds over to her and sits two steps above her and nuzzles her ear, sniffs her hair and makes squeaky ‘Mummy! You’re here!!’ sounds. Jenge says ‘What’s all the barking about?’ (Like this doesn’t happen 5 days outta 7). Then he jumps off the stairs, looks at me and huffs.

And there you have it! Our special time together. Just the Sock and me!


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  1. Heidi

    But you didn’t mention Rocky’s woobie issues! Poor Rocky!

  2. Donna

    Seems to me Rocky is a little squirrelly himself!

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps it is not Rocky with the problem but you instead. He never acts taht way towards me.

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